Tim-Alexander Hetzer

Tim-Alexander Hetzer

Vice President and Head of Operations


I am in my third year of studying at the University of Zurich. I joined MUN Zurich in my first year of university (2017) and taking part in our weekly sessions and the conferences was a welcoming change to my studies.

I have always been interested in international politics and additionally wanted to improve my academic English, which is why I joined the MUN team Zurich. In the end I stayed because of the people, who quickly became good friends. Moreover, I improved my English and my ability to stand in front of people and talk about complex topics. I broadened my knowledge of politics and had the opportunity to travel and visit some amazing cities due to the international conferences we attended. Besides MUN and studying politics and law I play tennis as often as possible. As a member of the board I am looking forward to the next year of MUN, meeting new people and introducing them to the great experience MUN can be.

As Head of Operations I am in charge of everything related to our sessions. If you have any questions regarding the rules of procedure or the session topics, do not hesitate to ask me. Of course I am also happy to answer all your questions about MUN itself.


MUN – Experiences:

  • Delegate at SMUN 2017 in Stockholm (UNHCR, India)
  • Delegate at Hnmun 2018 in Boston (Specpol, Somalia)
  • Delegate at ZuMUN 2018 in Zurich (WHO and World Bank, Norway )
  • Delegate at CUIMUN 2018 in Cambridge (San Francisco 1946 Conference, UK)
  • Delegate at Worldmun 2019 in Madrid (UNSC, France)
  • Delegate at Tlvmun in 2019 in Tel Aviv (UNSC, Indonisia – award for distinguished delegate)