Ramona Krause

Ramona Krause

Head of Fundraising


Since 2015 I have been a law student at the University of Zurich and I am about to finish my Bachelors degree this winter after my exchange semester in Geneva, where I am going to improve my French and finish my last three exams.


I joined the MUN team in fall 2016. Ever since, MUN has been a great enrichment to my studies. The weekly sessions and international conferences are a nice change to my everyday life as a student and they taught me soft skills, such as holding speeches, argue one’s position and trying to find a compromise. Apart from that, MUN offers a great exchange with many students from different faculties as well as from all over the world.


The MUN team gave me many wonderful experiences and memories that I joined the board a year ago. For the past year, I was responsible for communication and finance. I endeavour to make MUN an enriching experience for all members, like it has been for me.


As Head of Fundraising I am the contact person for our sponsors and I ensure our team receives the funds we need to continue the MUN Team.


MUN - Experiences:

  • Delegate at LakeMUN 2013 in Friedrichshafen (ECOSOC, Germany)
  • Delegate at LiMUN 2017 in London (Special Political and Decolonization Committee, Great Britain)
  • Volunteer at ZuMUN 2017 in Zurich
  • Delegate at OxIMUN 2018 in Oxford (WHO, Switzerland)
  • Part of the Organisation Committee of ZuMUN 2018
  • Part of the Organisation Committee of ZuMUN 2019