Olivia Bianchi

Olivia Bianchi

Head of Operations


My Name is Olivia Bianchi and I am excited to be the new Head of Operations of MUN UZH! Studying social anthropology and politics, I am enthusiastic about everything relating to culture: history, languages and of course politics. 

My MUN experience consists of attending weekly sessions - of both my high school and at UZH in the past two semesters – and attending numerous conferences all around Europe.  MUN has been the perfect balance to uni life. Not just by practicing (academic) English, learning more about international relations and the ability to debate and speak in front of people; Being part of an MUN Team lets you meet people from all different branches of studies and - during conferences - from all around the world.

As Head of Operations I will be in charge of our weekly sessions: Choosing topics and preparing study guides, as well as chairing during the sessions. My goal is to create a diverse range of topics and make our new members feel welcome in the exciting world of MUN.

If you have any questions regarding our weekly sessions, or want to talk to me about topic ideas don’t hesitate to contact me, I can’t wait to hear from you!


MUN - Experiences

  • Delegate at FerMUN 2016 in Geneva (North Atlantic Council)
  • Delegate at SMUN 2017 in Stockholm (JCC, Turkey)
  • Delegate at ZuMUN 2018 in Zurich (JCC)
  • Delegate at CUIMUN 2018 in Cambridge (Security Council, Russia)
  • Delegate at SMUN 2018 in Stockholm (The League of Arab states, The Syrian National Coalition)