Michelle Keppler

Michelle Keppler

Head of Finance


As an Economics student, I was excited to learn about MUN as it presented a chance to include my interest in international affairs into my week. New to Zurich and to UZH, I joined MUN last year, looking to find a group of interesting people to discuss politics with. I was amazed at how open and kind everyone was and was grateful to have found so many like-minded people, eager to travel and make the world a better place. MUN has not only afforded me the opportunity to meet incredible fellow UZH students from a diverse set of studies and interests, but has also opened up a new world of international conferences and a network of students from across the globe. I have gained close friends who make our weekly meetings a fun and safe space to play the devil’s advocate and to debate my own opinions. I am grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had in Zurich and abroad to improve my speech-writing and public-speaking skills.


Eager to play a more active role in this organization, I applied to be a member of the board. I am beyond excited and honored to be this year’s Head of Finance and am enjoying using what I’ve learned in my studies in a real-world application.


My responsibilities include membership fees and conference refunds, so if you have any questions about these things or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


MUN - Experiences

  • Delegate at SMUN 2018 in Stockholm (Brazil, World Bank)
  • Delegate at Harvard WorldMUN 2019 in Madrid (Hungary, Historical Legal Committee)
  • Member of the Press Corps at ZuMUN 2019 in Zurich