Marco Frei

Marco Frei

Head of Events

I joined the Model United Nations team of the University of Zurich because of my interest in discussing international politics and to improve my debating skills. The MUN sessions allowed me to do both these things, as well as a lot more. I met a diverse and interesting group of students with different backgrounds and I believe most importantly, very different opinions. During the weekly sessions I was able to discuss a wide range of different political issues sometimes in a calm and sometimes in a more heated, but always captivating debate. The highlights of my MUN experience were the different conferences I attended. Meeting students from all corners of the world and debating or cooperating with them was a very enriching opportunity that allowed to step out of my comfort zone.

As Head of Events, I hope to help provide an equally great MUN experience as I had myself. My main responsibilities as Head of Events will be to organize different gatherings outside of the normal weekly sessions. These events offer the MUN members an opportunity to get to know each other while discussing less contentious issues than world politics. Some of the events are aimed at providing an insight into the world of international politics and diplomacy and enable discussions with experts.


MUN - Experiences:

  • Delegate at SMUN 2018 in Stockholm (Human Rights Council)
  • Delegate at LIMUN 2019 in London (Trusteeship Council)
  • Delegate at ZuMUN 2019 in Zurich (Crisis)