Anja Gschwend

Anja Gschwend

Head of Fundraising

Hi there! I’m Anja Gschwend, a second-year Economics and Maths student. I joined our Model United Nations team in 2018, right at the start of my academic career, and it quickly became an integral part of my life at university. MUN allowed me to delve into current political and humanitarian issues, to hone my rhetoric skills and – most importantly – to meet wonderful people and make friends both in Zurich and all over the world.

When I’m not holding dramatic speeches or trying to integrate silly acronyms into otherwise very serious resolutions, I enjoy literature, languages and art (alongside less pretentious passions like memes and videogames). I’m also a big fan of horse riding, running and yoga.

As Head of Fundraising, I am responsible for maintaining a good relationship with our sponsors and for making sure we have all the funds we need to organise trips to conferences and lots of other events.


MUN – Experiences:

  • Delegate at SMUN 2018 in Stockholm (Security Council, India)
  • Delegate at LiMUN 2019 in London (League of Nations, Belgium)