Support us!

Our Model United Nations Team is an accredited Student Association of the University of Zurich. Thanks to this we are able to hold our weekly sessions in a room generously provided by the University and all board members commit to our cause on a purely voluntary basis. However, our organisations faces various other costs linked to the numerous activities we are offering students.

The weekly sessions form the most important part of our agenda. By discussing relevant topics linked to world politics we seek to improve our understanding of the current issues from different perspectives. At the same time we practice rhetorical skills and advance our business English. Furthermore, the weekly meetings help us to form a successful team and prepare our delegates for international conferences where they are able to make remarkable contributions as demonstrated by various awards.

National and international conferences form the highlights of the MUN year and are a substantial part of the program we offer. Unfortunately, the financial costs connected to attending conferences are a heavy burden on many student’s budgets. We firmly believe that students who wish to attend conferences with us should be able to do so without financial obstacles. Your contributions as Sponsor help us to cover these expenses and consequently enable all delegates to partake in these conferences without having to worry about covering all associated costs by themselves.

For more detailed information about our activities please consult our Sponsoring Brochure (German) (PDF, 598 KB). Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our board member in charge of all matters concerned with sponsoring, Ramona Krause.
Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to create a multifaceted and insightful learning experience for our students.