Please contact us in case you are interested in holding a Patronage of our team! The following Institutions and Professors commit to the idea of MUN and the spirit of the MUN Team University of Zurich:

Prof. Dr. iur. Helen Keller

"MUN is the opportunity for students at the University of Zurich to firstly deepen their knowledge in International Law and secondly discuss and debate topics of highest importance and relevance. MUN provides a precious chance for entering a carrier on an international scale, whether it is the UN or other diplomatic services."

Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Kriesi

Chair of Comparative Politics at the University of Zurich,
Director of the national Center of Competence in Research Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Cent. (NCCR)

"The MUN Team UZH enables students to obtain an early participative grasp of the complex function of the United Nations. The experience of representing a country and actively negotiating and drafting resolutions strengthens not only rhetorical, but also negotiation skills and broadens the general knowledge. On the basis of equality of all states, students also develop a broad understanding for democracy. I therefore support the MUN Team UZH with a patronage."

Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Gilardi

Chair of Policy Analysis at the University of Zurich

"The MUN Team UZH is an outstanding opportunity for students to apply their theoretical knowledge in political science and international relations, deepen their understanding of international politics and negotiations, and get first-hand experience of how the phenomena they have studied unfold in the real world. Participating in the MUN Team UZH will also help students for a career in international organizations, NGOs, and other similar institutions. It is my pleasure to support this initiative with my patronage."