General Assembly 2015


After the General Assembly, the team will move for a BBQ at the Lake of Zurich. We are going to the "Chinawiese" where we can use the public grills and have plenty of space for all of us. We are going to take two further grills with us as well as drinks, salads and some snacks. We would also highly appreciate if some of you would bring some supplements or desserts as well so that we can have a great buffet. Furthermore, please bring your own meat! If you want to join us please sign in here Doodle, so we know how many of you will be joining us. Subscription deadline is June 3rd 2015!

Agenda 2014

The agenda items for June 6, 2014 are the following: 

  1. Address of Welcome

  2. Appointment of the keeper of the minutes

  3. Appointment of the vote counters

  4. Draft of the agenda items

  5. Last year's protocol of the General Assembly

  6. Annual Report

  7. Annual accounts and report of the accounter

  8. Annexation of expense clauses in the articles of assocation
  9. Amendment of the articles of association

  10. Discharge of the board

  11. Election of the new board

  12. Next General Assembly

  13. Varia