UN Youth Association Switzerland

What is Junes?

JUNES is the United Nations Youth Association of Switzerland (UNYA Switzerland) and is part of the UN worldwide network of UNYAs. JUNES stands for "Jugend UNO Netzwerk Schweiz". It is an umbrella organization gathering all (M)UN Youth teams of Switzerland. All the members of these associations are automatically part of JUNES and can take part to JUNES activities. One board member per association is elected as JUNES delegate and all JUNES delegates form the JUNES Executive Board. Today the following associations are members of the network:
MUN Bern from the University of Berne,
MUN EPFL from the EPF Lausanne,
Mosaïque from the University of Lausanne,
Youth Rep, the Swiss Youth Representatives to the UN,
MUNiLU from the University of Lucerne,
MUN Team Basel from the University of Basel,
GIMUN from Geneva,
FriMUN from the University of Fribourg,
MUN St. Gallen from the University of St. Gallen,
ETH MUN from ETH Zürich.


  • to simplify the exchange of information and konw-how among the members in order to use synergies in a efficient and meaningful way,
  • to help the individual members to more weight and acknowledgment vis-à-vis third parties, in order to simplify the access to sponsors and guest speakers,
  • to raise awareness for the UN and its issues,
  • to offer a possibility for consulting young people on UN relevant topics in order to consider their opinion for decisions,
  • to federate all (M)UN youth teams of Switzerland.


  • JunesMUN: The JunesMUN is a simulation of UN committees and gathers every year end of february approximately 120 participants coming from all the associations part of JUNES, in order to get prepared for the bigger MUN conferencs coming in March. JunesMUN 2012 took place at the University of Basel 25th and 26th of february.
  • Intra-Swiss Youth Forum United Nations (ISYFUN): This two-days conference takes place in November and gathers youth people that want to know more about UN and UN organs in Switzerland. ISYFUN is the unique possibility of entering the Palais des Nations and speaking with UN officials about current UN issues. ISYFUN 2011 took place in Geneva from 8th-9th December 2011.
  • MUN Workshops: As the participation in MUN conferences is one of the goal of many teams member of JUNES, JUNES helps its members to get ready for them providing MUN Workshops such as Rhethorical Workshop or Chair Workshop.
  • UN Workshops: JUNES also regularly organizes challenging panel discussions or conferences in actual UN issues.