Participating in MUN Conferences

International Conferences differ from our regular sessions in few very important points. You will debate with delegates you have never met before, in an unfamiliar environment. Also, the country you represent will be assigned to you based on the quality of your application. Overall the level of the debate can be quite demanding, especially if there are many native speakers.

However, this is not a disadvantage, but the good news of going international with MUN! Each conference will not only tremendously advance your skills, but will also give you the opportunity to meet people from different places, get to know the host city and simply have a good time after a long day as a diplomat.. A unique experience which you will not forget!

We support your ambitions!

In case you would like to build your own delegation for a specific Conference, please contact our Chief Headdelegate. We understand our association as a network and platform that gives you the possibility to participate in MUN Conferences and provides you with the necessary skills and know-how. We fully support your ambitions!

Code of Conduct

When we are going away as a Team, we should behave as such. The MUN Team UZH

is binding for every delegate.