Have you already taken a look at our agenda? Here you will find all events during the semester. Please keep in mind that the agenda will be updated regularly and there could occur some changes of dates or rooms.

Agenda FS 19

Date What Further Information
17.04.2019 MUN session Practice Simulations
24.04.2019 Easter holidays  
30.04.2019 MUN Dinner

This year our MUN Dinner will take place at the Indian restaurant Tadka. We will be sponsoring part of the dinner. In order to sign up, please send an email to

Since there are only a limited number of spots, so first come, first served.

01.05.2019 no session (Tag der Arbeit)  
08.05.2019 MUN session The new study guide is coming soon!
11.05.2019 Joint Crisis with ETH MUN

More information can be found here:

You can sign up here:

15.05.2019 MUN session  
from 18:15 on
Ordinary GA  
22.05.2019 MUN session  
29.05.2019 Last MUN session Yearly Delegate Awards